ABOUT Competition

 "AUE Presidential Design Talent Scholarship" is a new initiative that we are starting at AUE.
The main driver behind it is to engage and encourage talented and creative design students in the fields of:


Submission: 1st April- 30th April, 2019

Winner announcement: 5th May, 2019

Fashion Design

Interior Design

Digital Animation

Graphic Design

This Scholarship is open to all highschool and college students who wish to join AUE as freshmen or wish to transfer from an existing university.
We are keen to encourage creativity and a rich sense of passion in design.


The main requirement for the "AUE Presidential Design Talent Scholarship" would be for a student to submit:

  • A digital portfolio of work (15 to 20 artworks , drawings, sketches, collages, illustrations or combination there of) digital quality to be printable in A3 format.
  • An original cover statement of 500 words to the tune of : "The Capacity of Design to Inspire Ideas and Change in Society" or " Design: Nothing isImpossible"

Please encourage as many of your talented colleagues from your high school to apply. We are keen on bringing the best talent in to AUE, and supporting and nurturing that talent throughout the academic process.
Students awarded the "AUE Presidential Design Talent Scholarship" will be offered 30% to 50% tuition scholarship for their four years at AUE (depending on their major area of study and talent capacity), and will also be required to participate in design department activities from time to time (if and when required).


Kindly submit the above prior to the end of April 2019 to: 

[email protected] 

Subject: AUE Presidential Design Talent Scholarship – STUDENT NAME – STUDENT HIGHSCHOOL – Applicant – 2019 

Candidates please replace “STUDENT NAME – STUDENT HIGHSCHOOL” with your own particular details. 


For further information please contact:
Dr.Chadi Chamoun

[email protected]
+971 4 4499 000 | 800 AUE (283)