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Logistics and Supply Chain Management



It is no exaggeration to say that logistics and supply chain management is the backbone of global economic growth. This highly specialized sector facilitates the essential flow of goods, money, and information across international borders and offers challenging but rewarding career opportunities. Along with robust general business knowledge, Logistics and Supply Chain Managers must have an excellent understanding of economics, accounting, and industrial law. COBA’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management program offers a wide range of concentration courses, from supply chain operations to global logistics and purchasing management. By presenting students with the latest business theories and illustrative case studies, this concentration equips graduates with the knowledge and skills required to create a meaningful impact in any organization of their choosing.

Logistics and supply chain management

Career Options

Quality Manager
Production Planner
Purchasing Manager
Production Warehouse Manager
Supply Chain Planner
Demand Planner
Capacity Planner
Logistics Resource Planner
Load Planner

Key Skills

Project Management
Technical Understanding
Cost Accounting Skills
Understanding Financial Statements
Understanding of e-Business / e-Procurement Systems
Problem Solving
Understanding Cross-Cultural / Global Issues
Forward Thinking
Strong Numerical and Analytical Skills
Extensive Industry Knowledge
Good Interpersonal Skills

Financial Aid Scholarships & Flexible Payment Methods

Students who are employed within governmental sectors affiliated with AUE shall be granted up to a 40% waiver on tuition fees.

The Athletic Grant will be 50% for first-team players and 25% for substitute players. This grant applies to tuition fees and is based upon the nomination and confirmation of the relevant Coach and Athletic Office.

Students who achieve average high school grades of 85% and above shall be granted up to a 20% waiver on tuition fees.

Students completing 45 credit hours with a CGPA equal to (or above) 3.6 will be granted a 10% to 15% waiver on tuition fees.

AUE offers students with financial difficulties the opportunity to apply for financial aid. Financial Aid can cover up to 50% of tuition fees, subject to the submission of all necessary supporting documentation and approval by the committee concerned.

For any additional family member (brother, sister, spouse, parent, or child) enrolled at AUE, a 10% reduction in tuition fees shall apply per family member.

Tuition Fees

Approx. 22,000 AED* per semester

One academic year is two semesters.
*For more detailed information please visit the Tuition Fees page

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